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This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This communication is from a debt collector.

At the COBB LAW FIRM we approach debt collection with compassion and understanding.  We understand that good people can find themselves in a financial bind. That is why we often offer incentives for people who wish to pay off their debt and move on with their life.  In most instances, we can offer a discount for a debtor who wants to pay the debt off in a lump sum.  If the debtor is not capable of paying the balance in a lump sum, then we offer payment plans.  However, keep in mind, the discounted payoff amount is only offered to those who pay off their debt in a lump sum.

If you have received a communication from us attempting to collect a debt, please give us call. Do not be afraid. We treat all callers with dignity and respect.  Again, we understand things happen in life and good people can get behind on their bills.  We simply want to try to come up with a payment solution that works for both us and you the debtor.